All About three persons – I ME and MYSELF
All About three persons – I ME and MYSELF

Today I wished and P2 happened

I wish I had wished for something else today 🙂 ✨ I was mad at not being able to quickly put my thoughts into a wall accessible to me anytime conveniently. And publish any of them, if ever I felt like charity.

I was fed up with putting all my notes and learning’s and cheatsheets across Asana, Google Keep , OneNote , EverNote and what-not-note. I never was able to find anything ever again when I needed. When working on my office laptop I do not have access to the personal keep or EverNote. And if I am working on my mobile , finding and including a note from my OneNote or desktop notepad items meant opening two apps and juggling.

Also, sometimes I just wanted a simple wall where I could put in my notes, cheetsheets and ideas and just convert them to an public posts whenever I wanted. You know like the physical wall or prhaps a web-wall.

I know you might be thinking why can’t this guy use Asana or Trello.

  • Keep everything in different columns .
  • Prioritize and re-order the items once a week.
  • Plan slots to convert those items into posts at least once a week.
  • Keep important code snippets in a separate column or project and tag them.
  • Remember to know what to search for when needed.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is oneofmywalls.png
Just have a look at one of my Asana board – one of my some 30 such personal projects.
And you would understand what i am talking about

You just have to have a look at one of my Asana board – one of my some 30 such personal projects. And you would understand what I am talking about.

I sometimes (at least once a week) spend hours to just make sure I revisit all my tasks and tag, untag them as per my ever changing moods and interests.

Than I just made a sigh and wished..

I just wished it today and got the P2 mail from WordPress. With sleepy eyes I almost ignored the mail. But than the thought – Why not use it as a wall to store all my stuff . Link the items to my tasks in Asana. Voila, I have a dump yard to keep all my stuff and publish directly whenever i feel like it.

Why write a post about it?

Why not. I wished something and it was granted. I don’t remember when was the last time this happened to me. So yes a thank you to Automattic . Love You for WordPress and now for P2.

More tips

  • Just dive in . Stupid way to say it . But “P2ing is the new working
  • Dump all you stuff into P2 . Make it public like me or hoard it just for yourself.
  • Want to use it for your Team – Go ahead

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