All About three persons – I ME and MYSELF
All About three persons – I ME and MYSELF

Netherlands Pano


Imagine cycling from Amsterdam towards Zaandam. Wanting to see the windmills but having very little idea about how it will finally look like. You travel in ferries to cross rivers instead of bridges and flyovers. You go miles without any signals , amazed to see bridges specially made for cyclists. Just straight roads.

And than you suddenly see an old dressed up windmill as you reach Zaanse Schans. You wonder “Is that all”. But hold on as you get to crossing the bridge over river Zaan. You see colourful houses on the left and the windmills to the right. Just than the sun comes out and you come to reality to take a panorama.

Well that’s it – That is how i got my best picture of Netherlands – The lower lands.  Can never get over it.

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