All About three persons – I ME and MYSELF
All About three persons – I ME and MYSELF

Quantum Computing | Modern Data Ecosystems for Gen-AI/ML, BI and Analytics | Hybrid Cloud Setups

Tinkering with Data Ecosystems | DWH Technologies | Modern Data & Gen-AI/ML Pipelines | AWS, Azure, GCP, and IBM cloud and hybrid setups.

I am busy researching Quantum Computing Applications – Machine Learning, Optimisation, Machine Teaching, Cloud Rapid Apps.

Delivered large scale Modernisation and Transformation of Gen-AI/ML, BI, Datawarehouse, and Analytics Data Ecosystems in the cloud and on-premise Environments: For high-profile US and UK customers in HiTech, insurance, retail, and e-commerce domains. Achievements in Architecture, Delivery, Operations, and Transformation.

PMP, Agile Certified Practitioner, TOGAF 9, IBM/AWS/Azure/GCP Solution Architect.
Master’s Student of Mathematics.
Experimenting with Quantum Computing, Matrix Manipulation, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Cloud Rapid Apps.

Areas of accomplishment across my roles include:

• Quantum Computing Research and Propositions.
• Architect data ecosystems. Massive-scale modernisation and transformation. Data integration strategies, Datalake and Lakehouse setups, CI/CD pipelines (cloud and on-premise),.
• Solution design, delivery, and operations of BI, Traditional ETL and modern Data pipelines.
• Architect Gen-AI, DS, ML & AI Pipelines on AWS, GCP, IBM, Databricks and Azure.
• Identify and enable technology and process simplification opportunities
• Plan and enable seamless on-premise to cloud/hybrid transformations for data ecosystems.
• Enable team rationalisation across people, process & technology dimensions via cross-skilling, lean-process and automation
• Distributed Agile Implementation for existing and new engagements at scale (Kanban/Scrum)
• Stakeholder Management for Large Agile Teams.

Let us build something together – Please connect.

I have unlimited patience and appetite when it comes to books. On any subject – if you loved it – I am willing to try – ping me below or mail

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