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Wish you all a very happy new year filled with fun, frolic and loads of food 🙂 Welcoming 2018 with hope of more opportunities for wonderful time with family , exciting travel, loads of money 🙂 and tons of new learning and success.

Happy New Year All – Welcoming 2018 with hope

Andriod7-Nougat 1
Android 7.1 Nougat is coming. And as I read learn more about it, I get more and more excited. The best things are I am going to love the feasibility of dialing the first fav contact without even opening the dialer app. Just long press the icon on the home […]

5 Things about Android 7 Nougat I am looking forward ...

The Big Ben in the evening,across the bridge. It looks different every time you look at it. In this one the Westminster looks great under the evening hue. And the yellow lights make the parliament and the clock tower look golden.

Big Ben across the bridge

I have always been mesmerised by the view across the canals in Amsterdam. But the phone camera never did any justice. This time with my new canon mirrorless , I was able to get a shot worthy of sharing. And it had to be a panorama to be able to […]

Amsterdam Lights

Imagine cycling from Amsterdam towards Zaandam. Wanting to see the windmills but having very little idea about how it will finally look like. You travel in ferries to cross rivers instead of bridges and flyovers. You go miles without any signals , amazed to see bridges specially made for cyclists. Just […]

Netherlands Pano

Take Chances Tell the truth – Difficult 🙂 Spend on things you love – Why Not Laugh a lot . Yes Yes Yes Be Childlike – Being Grown up anyway sucks. Celebrating life . Yahoo ooo

Celebrating the event called life